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Healthcare organizations who care for medically complex populations and those patients located in underserved geographies continue to face the pressures of value-based reimbursement as providers and payers are held responsible for higher quality care distributed at a lower cost. Meeting this challenge requires accumulation and analysis of large amounts of data and using the findings to lead the way for change.

Clinify Health provides industry leading solutions that empower our customers and partners to succeed by leveraging real-world datasets, sophisticated analytics, and cloud-based technologies to improve the economics and outcomes of healthcare.

From physician practices and clinics to other healthcare organizations, virtually anyone who is an active participant in the healthcare ecosystem can benefit from our solutions and their capabilities.

For managed care plans, Clinify provides clinical quality measures, analytics, and insights to improve transparency, risk-score accuracy, and patient engagement. Our solution delivers real-time tracking and analytics that will clarify the clinical intricacies of healthcare, and enables useful insights.

Quality Measures Engine

A fully integrated service engine for providers, payers, practices, and organizations that are responsible for collecting performance data to support their organizational strategies. Our AI-based analytics help improve the quality of care and patient engagement and supports tracking multiple quality programs.

Measure the Right Data and Create Value

Population Health Management

Organizational population health strategy management is key to improving the overall health of patients while reducing costs. Critical to effective population health success is taking a holistic approach to care delivery by aggregating clinical and non-clinical data to provide actionable interventions.

Comprehensively Manage Community Health

Although physicians and clinics have invested in Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs), the demands of population health require health information technology that will complement EHRs with additional data interoperability to address patient activities that occur outside of the clinical visit.

Our population health solutions will enable your organization to provide appropriate care to all patients through communication, collaboration, and patient engagement.

Integrated Specialty Care Referral Management

Specialty care continues to be a critical element of outpatient care. As referrals increase across the healthcare ecosystem, the impact of fragmentation across providers, payers, and other stakeholders will also increase. Unfortunately, this can result in gaps in care. As a result, specialty care referrals can present numerous obstacles to achieving high-quality and high-value care.

Reduce Barriers to Specialty Care

An effective specialty care referral strategy can lower costs by reducing referral no-show rates that can result in high-cost urgent or emergent care and sub-optimal patient health outcomes. Clinify Health’s solution can ensure a seamless and transparent end-to-end referral process between primary care physicians and their sub-specialist network.

Panel Management

Our practice empanelment features allow your organization to proactively engage patients improving the patient experience with their primary care team. Through our empanelment capability, providers no longer have to reconcile their organizational attribution lists manually which results in more proactive patient engagement and reduced gaps in care delivery.

Proactively Engage With Patients

Understanding the needs of both newly attributed and existing patients presents numerous administrative and data challenges. Our empanelment feature will ensure each member of your care team knows exactly where their patients are at in their care journey.

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