I grew up with a single mother who was a nurse. While she did everything she could to ensure me and my siblings had everything we needed, she was a single parent, sometimes working overnight shifts, who couldn’t take time off to seek care every time her child had a cough or cold. There are millions of families in this country living in the exact situation I grew up in, and some face much more challenging factors, adding to the burden of receiving appropriate care based on social circumstances. My experiences growing up and seeing the challenges faced by many families in Chicago and beyond made it clear that without adequately addressing social and cultural aspects of an individual’s life, we will never truly achieve whole-person care for those who need it most.

Many of the approaches to patient engagement, medication adherence and preventative care standards do not fully take into account the socioeconomic and cultural barriers patients face in communities that have been underserved and marginalized. This results in standardized approaches to health for communities that require tailored interventions to address both clinical and social needs. Many individuals with social and cultural barriers to care will not achieve optimal health outcomes because key factors that matter to their lived experience go unaddressed. That’s the motivation behind Clinify Health, a cloud-based platform that works with physician practices in underserved communities to achieve financial stability, remain independent and improve population health outcomes.

Clinify Health looks to address the aforementioned challenges from a couple of perspectives. First, we incorporate social factors into the patient’s care plan to reduce the likelihood of non-compliance due to factors that are non-clinical in nature. Second, we hire individuals from the communities we serve to help engage members of that community. Through this approach, we aim to overcome challenges that patients may face outside of the clinic on their journey to improved long-term health.

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