Bringing “Calm to the Chaos”

We partner with payers and providers to ease the challenges that stand in the way of value-based care delivery for the patients they serve. Our aim is to enable financial stability through simplifying the ability to enter into and succeed in value-based arrangements for practices in underserved areas.

Decision Management

Our integrated platform allows organizational leadership and care teams real-time insights in to the performance of cost and quality measures associated with value-based reimbursement objectives, all within your clinical workflow. Reduce the burden of tying contractual quality and cost requirements to specific patients while also maintaining standards of care your patients need for longitudinal health objectives.

Reduce Portal Fatigue

Improve the efficiency of your care teams activities by reducing the number of systems needed to manage patient panels. With Clinify Health, your clinical staff can easily manage their patients across the care continuum in value-based arrangements. Our unified platform integrates electronic health record, contract, and referral-based data insights across mobile, tablet, and desktop systems to support value-based care delivery in an intuitive manner ensuring the highest quality of patient engagement with the health care system through one single source that overlays your existing EHR and reduces the need for re-keying or multiple portals for different payers or patient cohorts.

Improve Practice Economics

With support of the Clinify CareTrax platform your organization can target incentive-based cost and quality objectives leading to improved value-based quality measures. This results in more comprehensive patient care plan management while simultaneously ensuring that financial incentives for achieving bonus targets are achieved and result in improved per-encounter revenue opportunities for your practice.

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